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Do You Believe In One Love?

We Do!

We are educating the world on various ways you can heal yourself and bring healing energy into your environment and aura with the use of stones!

WxldWrapz was created because WxldLotus has a very special love for stones, but she never liked other people's style of wrapping.
When she wrapz a stone she thinks about how the stone wants to be wrapped.
Not wrapping the stone in a certain forced way.
You can even notice how the same stones have similar styles.
Each WxldWrap will be unique, different, and Wxldly Wrapped with care!
The stones are handpicked from different places around the world!


WxldLotus takes cleansing and clearing her stones very seriously, and will not wrap if she is not at the proper energy level.
This is a form of meditation, not something to be rushed.


Each stone is wrapped with the idea in mind that the stone can be worn anyway and still look good! WxldLotus signature styles all have an abstract heart design in it!


WxldWrapz Necklaces has been cleansed and charged and comes with a
Message Of Love!

Which is a little affirmation to keep you motivated throughout your days!

Your stone will come with a description about your stone that you can carry with you in your pocket or car!
Plus, It'll be blessed with sage and lavender as it travels to you!

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It Gives WxldLotus So Much Joy To See People Admire her Craft!

WxldWrapz Was Started Off a Leap of Faith!

Now she's sending her love all around the world with her first international order in Russia!

You can also find her at pop ups if you follow her on social media!



Special thanks to the photographers!