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WxldLotus' is not only a Jewelry Maker. She is a model, Rav Drummer, song writer, singer, and painter.
Her real name Is Eboni.
She puts an (x) in place of the (I) in reference to her real name. Also, to emphasize the importance of checking your ego, and realizing we are all one.
Eye and Eye.
wxldlotus | eboni
   wildlotus            x  
We are all, interconnected through light and love. Within this divine web of love called Life!
She Is 24 years young, her birthday is July 19, 1995.
WxldLotus was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, but raised in Albany Ga, and has been travelling all her life as a military brat, then later on as a gypsy.
She calls herself a gypsy, a night owl, a love warrior, the Wxld Creator!
With a lifelong fondness of music, WxldLotus has been singing since elementary school in the choir up until having a closing solo at her graduation.
WxldLotus decided to take the music realm more seriously once she left her apartment in Hollywood, Fl and started living out of her car.
Within that time she realized how important music is.
There is a real power in sounds, words, and expression.
Just like dancing, and all forms of art, there are true healing forces behind it!
So, she started by playing her Rav Drum named Lily at beaches and parks up the coast up until North Carolina.
WxldLotus has traveled to many beaches, parks, and rivers to play for nature, this earth, and the people on it.
WxldLotus built the courage to street perform in the Atlanta, Ga, Little 5's Area; this is where she found the confidence to perform in closed spaces and venues.
Then, she traveled back to Downtown Miami where she resides now,
and has played for live shows, meditation and yoga sessions.
You can sometimes find her by the water playing Lily. 
WxldLotus released her first sound Ep "Rav Zen", and two singles " Jocking ", and " Release " and coming soon, "Space For Us" that are now streaming on Itunes and Spotify.
Her goal is to empower women and the youth to love themselves, express themselves, and enjoy this lesson called life fearlessly!
Tomorrow is Never Promised!
You can find her and her music on social media